The field of my scientific interest is Arctic and Antarctic with a focus on practical implementation in different projects.

Since 2009 we’ve obtained a deep experience both in academia and industry and have a wide geography: from the Northern sea to the sea of Okhotsk.

Our research team was awarded Russian Federation Government State Award for science and technology in 2019 and 2020 (for young scientists).

We’ve been also honored the “Best paper award” presented at ISOPE in Honolulu, 2019. The conference counted 1500+ peer-reviewed papers from 50+ countries.

Lecturing experience:

  1. Gubkin center of innovative competences, Moscow: Cold climate operations (assistant to O.T. Gudmestad) – 2014
  2. Arctic New Frontiers, London: Russian Arctic Petroleum Resources: Challenges and Development Opportunities (guest lecture, jointly with A.B. Zolotukhin) – 2013
  3. Stavanger University, Stavanger: MSc in Engineering: Marine operations (assistant to O.T. Gudmestad) – 2013
  4. Gubkin University, Moscow: MSc in Engineering, Subsea installations and maintenance – 2012
  5. Gubkin University, Moscow: Bsc in Engineering, Offshore field development – 2011

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Peer-reviewed publications

Main results of research and discussion can be found in the papers:

*These are Accepted Manuscripts of articles published by International Society of Offshore & Polar Engineers ISOPE available online: http://www.isope.org/publications” © 2019-2020 by the International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers (ISOPE).